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Knit skirt


My sister Just turned 7 and started first grade, so I wanted to make her something that is easy to care for and easy to use. I decided to knitted her a skirt. She have had a purple phase and hoping it will stay for a while, I made it purple. The pattern is from Sandnes hefte 1509 it’s in Norwegian (sorry folks) I used Cascade 220 superwash, It was the first time I used cascade yarns and it was great to work with, being superwash the yarn did have a bit of a plastic feeling about it but it was not more then expected from a superwash yarn. I’m really pleased with the result and think that the finished product is fun and suitable for a 7 year old.

20150902_1189 20150902_1198

I expected this to be a vey quick knit and it did take a bit longer then I estimated and to be honest it wasn’t the most exciting thing to knit but well worth it, the best bit in my opinion is the colourwork section in the middle it really gives something to the design and was fun to knit. Both the hem and the waistband it folded over and sewn down, this gives a very crisp finish to the skirt, the waist band have an elastic inside to you won’t have to worry about it sliding down since the elastic gives that extra structure to allow play and running around climbing trees or monkey bars.

The cardigan in the first picture is latte baby coat.


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I did say the I caught the sock bug, here and my newly made bed socks. My old and very loved bed socks got a hole, I woke in the middle of the night possibly caused by a hole at the right toe and when I sat down to mend them I realized the whole sole was thread worn and beyond mending. Despite that I did mend the entire sole of both of them because I do really like them. The next day I however realized that I needed new and went through my stash. I didn’t have enough yarn for my usual pattern that require 150 grams so I made a shorter in stockinet instead I really like these, they’re quick, cute and easy to make, and only require about 100 grams of worsted weight

Sockor_20150618_0123 Sockor_20150618_0119 And then one late saturday evening I thought why not make on other pair, a more colourful version. So I made another pair in some nice scraps I had and home, and oh how I love my new colourwork socks. Colourwork makes me happy in all aspect it’s bright and the most wonderful thing to knit. I love seeing the pattern grow, even if is just a small detail as in this case it brightens everything and makes the world a little happier. So here comes a little bit of bright happiness.

Sockor_20150618_0082 copy

What is your favorite kind of knitting?

Anyone else that’s crazy about colourwork?

No?  Just me then.

Sockor_20150618_0082 Sockor_20150618_0083

The yarn is Filcolana Peruvian Highland Wool and I used about 200 meters and the pattern is completely my own and wonderfully simple. And even though there new and it is summer I have gotten a fair bit of use out of them, the heat hasn’t really got here yet and do much prefer this cooler summer so that I can wear my new sock and colourful cardigans, and it’s wonderful.

This pattern isn’t released yet but you can find all my other knitting patterns here if you are interested.


Nancykofte cardigan

I am unreasonably proud of this one, the pattern is Nancy kofte by Sandnes garn in hefte 43 kofter. It is knitted in Sandnes Peer Gynt. a 100% Norwegian wool yarn. I made a few modifications the two biggest being short row neck shaping and grading from a larger hip the bust size. It has my favorite wooden buttons and a cotton band covering the cut edges from the steek.

Nancykofte cardigan Nancykofte cardigan Nancykofte cardigan

The bets part is that it is finished now when a jacket can be swapped to a nice sweater.

Nancykofte cardigan


I made an other Loki.
This on was made as a stash bust project and I didn’t really like the colour combination at first but it has grown on me. This one is made in Filicona Peruvian highland wool just as the others, I knitted size 4 years and used about 1/2 a skeins of white and orange and 4 skeins of red. It has a zipper, it is the first time I installed a zipper in a knitted garment and it toke some time but all when well and I think it will be worth the extra effort to have a zipper rather then buttons for a cardigan for someone in preschool age when quick and easy dressing is important.

It is knitted in the round and steeked open the cut edges are covered by the zippers cotton band which makes it neat on the inside. I sewed in the zipper by hand and attached it both close to the  zipper teeth and at the edge so it would be neat and smooth on the inside.


My favorite is the blue, which one is yours?


Islænder baby

Islænder from Knit for your kid (danish) by Susie Haumann knit in Pickles extra fin merino. Did you know that I love colour work? It is a little harder to shop for if you are particular about the colours as I am especially when shopping online, but colour work is so rewarding you can see the amazing pattern growing as you make it. I feel about colour work as some do about self striping sock-yarn of cables, just one more and one more I just want to see how it grows a little more before I put it down.

As always I didn’t follow the pattern all the way, the main modification was lengthen it a few rows, it seemed very short before.