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40’s bow dress

40's Bow dress

I bought this fabric when I was looking for some nice navy blue cotton poplin for a skirt. I didn’t find a nice weight of poplin but walked on this flowery fabric 100% cotton in a light, dense and almost drapey fabric perfect for a 40’s dress and very similar to the fabric on the patterns envelope. I think that the patterning of the fabric makes the beautiful details on the yoke disappear a little too much but it is certainly nice this way too. I used about 2.5 meters of a 112 cm wide cotton print, made the bodice and sleeves exactly as the pattern, but didn’t have enough fabric left for the 6 panel skirt I really wanted so I made a very pleated skirt with 15 pleats on the front and back all in all 30, pointing around in a circle. This is more of a skirt from the early 60’s or 20’s put together with a 40’s bodice and sleeves, but that’s the charm of making your own clothes, you have and opportunity to mix and match all you like.

40's Bow dress

The pattern is Simplicity 1587 a reprint from the 40’s it has an optional bow with I of course made and pleats surrounding it for the bust shaping. It is unlined and only have a neck facing, I didn’t think of a good way to add a lining because of the complex yoke which is a bit unfortunate for a winter dress. I will make another one in a plain fabric when I find something suitable, hoping for some nice wool suiting.

40's Bow dress   40's Bow dress

40's Bow dress  141207_4742

This is how happy I was about defying the weather to get these photos.

40's Bow dress 40's Bow dress

It was 4°C and pouring.

Dusty mint

Is one of my favorite colours, it simply feels elegant that said I only own 2 items in this colour the shoes I wore on our wedding day and this new sorbetto. It is made in viscose and probably is the cheapest fabric for an entire project I ever bought, it was the end of the bolt and I got about half of the normal price and the shop owner asked me weather that little could ever become something, but here it is all used up.

Sorbetto mint Sorbetto mint

This will be perfect with a cardigan now that fall is coming. You can read more of the details in the post about my first sorbetto here. And now I wonder how you are preparing for the change of season?

Me Made May 5-11

 May 5

Me made may

Crepe dress with Cayley cardigan and organic self drafted leggings + a fairly old scarf and original 80’s ray ban glasses.

May 6

Me made may

Studying Mania day in Merino Leggings and merino Plantain. and a lot of trying of this half finished pencil skirt later in the evening.

May 7

Me made may

Hawthorn, it was cold so I also wore my Featherweight Cardigan and Cayley Cardigan all at the same time  with nylon stockings.

May 8

Me made may

Teachers dress and remade stockings on an other study day at home.

May 9

Me made may

Presentation day in school, Cambie and my Featherweight and Cayley on top agin it was a win combination.

May 10

Me made may Belcarra blouse and Pencil-skirt

Having a study free day and spending it sewing I finished the skirt in the morning and the Blouse a few hours later. These are Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic and the Pencil-skirt from Gertie’s new book for better sewing, more information on these tomorrow. 

May 11

Me made may

My sailor dress, Robe Reglisse by Deer and Doe and my  Featherweight. I have been on a sewing workshop most of the day and wanted some that allowed me to easily try on trousers, since I would be fitting a pair. It was a nice workshop at Frilagret hosed by a talented local tailor, it is part of a workshop series which include the planning, execution, professional fashion photographing and an exhibition of one outfit/person. It has been wonderful to have expert help and especially when fitting trousers that is new on me and rather difficult to fit on your self. The best is that it is all for free, a cultural project for young adults (about 16-30) to get creative.

Kimono sleeve dress

Kimono Sleeve dress

This is Kimono sleeve dress from Salme Patterns, made in a flowy light rayon. I love it, the fit the colour and the cool and airy feel of it. My husband do not agree, he think it looks like an oversized t-shirt. I think it might be lovely to wear in the summer because of it’s airiness as well as it the winter with a slip underneath. I used french seems for the side and shoulder seems and rolled hem for the neckline and the hem. So what do you think, is it a nice dress or an awful oversized t-shirt that should never be worn?

Kimono Sleeve dress Kimono Sleeve dress Kimono Sleeve dress Kimono Sleeve dress Kimono Sleeve dress

Cinderella at the princes ball

cinderella dress

I feel a bit like Cinderella at the Princes ball when I’m wearing this. It is made in thai silk that my father bought for me a few years ago, the colour wasn’t great so I over-dyed the fabric before  I started cutting. This dress calls for a festive occasion, so it will probably be a visit to the Concert Hall soon. The pattern is my basic bodice with a width long gathered skirt and button up back.

cinderella dress cinderella dress cinderella dress

I need a petticoat for this but I didn’t think of it before I saw these pictures.

The black one

dress black

I was in need of a black dress and realized that I did not have one that fitted. So I made this one on a very tight deadline. It is made of 100% silk taft. Taft is a very stiff fabric but only in one direction width vise and therefore I cut the pieces the other way so that the stiffens goose length vise. I used my standard (self drafted) bodice  but made the neckline lower and squarer.  It has an invisible zipper in the side and a black shell button. Did I say that I love it.

dress black dress blackdress black

The umbrella is the one we used on our wedding day in the morning before the sun arrived, Isn’t in beautiful.

Robe Réglisse | Sailor dress

Robe réglisse dress Sailor

This is made of an amazing light and tightly woven 100% cotton fabric with a silk feeling to it, the only problem with it was the width, it was quite narrow; about 1 meter. I didn’t think of that when I purchased it and therefore did not have enough to lengthen the skirt as much as I wanted. The pattern is Robe Réglisse from DEER and DOE. This is a part of the Fall for Cotton sew-along.

Robe réglisse dress Sailor

I added darts in the sides of the skirt.

Robe réglisse dress Sailor Robe réglisse dress Sailor Robe réglisse dress Sailor

For the next one and there will be a next one i will use the sleeves and collar for one size smaller, to make it lay flat the collar is a cm wider than the neck in the bodice and it was not as smooth as if could have been but that’s my personal preference. I will also make the skirt longer this is a little to short for me to be comfortable without leggings.

Robe réglisse dress Sailor