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Garter stitch shawl Moln

This is the shawl that I made after borrowing Linas and just had to have one for my self. It is made out of 1 ply drops alpaca and 1 ply drops Vivaldi, about 450 meters of each. It is knitted on 6.0mm needles.

moln linas shawl


Cast on 3 st.

Row 1: k1, yo, pm, k1, yo, k1.

Row 2 and all following even rows: knit

Row 3 and all following uneven rows: k1, yo, knit to marker, yo, sm, k1, yo, knit to 1 stitch before end, yo, k1.

Continue until you have reached the size you wish. bind of with a larger size needle (7 or 8 mm), and double crochet on the bind off edge.

Vide hat

Vide hat





A par of mittens

Me and my fiance went to Tummelisa one of my local yarn shops to bye buttons for my new OWLS, but we didn’t find any buttons. My fiance P did for the first time ask me to knit something for him, a par of mittens in Debbi bliss arn tweed, this is the mitten made after his instructions. So I think that it really is his pattern radar then mine. Pattern link