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The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns

Tussilago docksjo design 650

The last of the tussilago baby accessories patterns is finally released and I think this might be my favorite of the three even if I think they all look best together. Tussilago hat is a helmet style earflap hat in the size range from preemie to 49 cm head circumference and is intended to work for children 0-2 years just as Tussilago mittens and scarf.

Tussilago docksjo design 650  _dsc0354-2-maria-magnusson

Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design  Tussilago Hat Scarf Mittens docksjo design

Photo credit for the turqouise goes to Maria Magnusson, Pysseloch knåp who test knitted the hat and scarf and took this lovely picture.

Tussilago docksjo design 650

Tussilago Baby Accessories


New patterns! The new Tussilago Baby Collection is available for pre-order. You will recieve the Mittens pattern right away and the Scarf and Hat within a couple of weeks. As a special release offer you can get the entire collection for the price of one pattern until Friday October 7. I really hope that you will enjoy these patterns as much as I do.They are quick to knit and simple, but with a flair of elegance that makes them just as pretty as easy to make.

Tussilago docksjo design 400Tussilago docksjo design 400

Lace bonnet

Kyse med hullmønster hat baby

I made this to go with a eggplant purple baby trousers is so pose to be the same size. I used my leftovers to make them so the colour is the same, I really like this pattern is the second time I used it and I think I will made another in the yarn as well just to be shore of having a matching set that fits as the same time that or something else that can fit in to this set.

baby bukser romper

The pattern is Kyse med hullmønster from Strikk till mamma og mini and the pattern is by Siri Hoftun and the yarn Pickles extra fine merino in Deep aubergine.

Flettet lue

hat baby tiddelibom

This is flettet lue by tiddelibom a other norwegian designer. The hat is knitted in Pickles extra fine merino Den lysblå timmen I think this is my favorite yarn, it is plain non super-wash comes in a ton of colours and works well for all sorts of stitches and has grate stitch definition. It is the perfect basic yarn that I comes back to time and time agin.

hat baby tiddelibom

Wee Liesl Beret

Wee  Liesl beret

The leftovers from the tiny cardigan became this cute matching beret. The pattern is Wee Liesl Beret by Ysolda Teague and the yarn Pickles pure alpaca, a wonderful combination. I think this is my favourite colour at the moment it’s perfect, the more I look at it the better it is.  I have a hope that the beret and cardigan will fit some future child at the same time, I love matching hand knit baby outfits. 

This project used up every last bit of the yarn, I think I only had half a meter left, with is perfect.

Wee  Liesl beret

I really don’t like leftovers from my project, what are you supposed to do with them? It feels completely wrong to throw them away, but not doing so have given me a stash the size of a small mountain consisting of started balls of yarn, with not enough left to make something substantial of it.

So what do you do with your half used skeins?


How is it possible to have this much yarn and still never have yarn. I do occasionally use this yarn for small projects as mitts and cuffs but the incoming from other bigger projects in the form of leftovers are much larger. We have a dresser it the hallway that contains our (or most of my) sweaters, some other stuff like shopping bags and my yarn. The problem is that the leftover yarn occupy 3 drawers, sweater overflowing 1 and stuff 1, the sweaters need at least 2, but yarn that is unlikely to be used but might be is occupying the space and if I want to buy yarn for a new next project there is nowhere to put it. I think the ideal situation would be 2 yarn drawers (1 for planned projects and 1 for leftovers) 2 for sweaters, 1 for stuff, but how do I get there in I good way?

How do you manage you stash and what does it consist of?

Winter set

Bon Bon Toque Heartwarmer cowl

I recently made this set in Pickles Extra fin merino in the colourway Gresskar for an almost 2 year old relative and now that it’s arrived I can show it to you. I used Bon bon toque pattern for the hat and Heartwarmer for the cowl, both patterns are modified to fit the yarn since the patterns was intended for a larger gauge then preferable for this yarn and I think it tuned out all right. If I wear to make heartwarmer agin however I would change the seed-stitch for twisted ribbing which I think makes a neater edging.

Where the wild things are

Where the wild things are hat crown

This is a hat and felted crown inspired by Where the wild things are sense I late at night bout the wrong pattern, so I improvised a bit instead and this is the result. The hat is knitted in Artesano Aran 50% alpaca and 50% highland wool, I used 82 grams = 108 meters. The crown is made in Hjertegarn Chunky 98%baby alpaca 2% nylon I used 67 grams = 87 meters.

Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown Where the wild things are hat crown autumn leaves leaf


It’s a beautiful hat but not really my style so I am giving it away. If you want the hat, comment on the blog post, and tell me why you should have it, before november 11, 2012.

The pattern is SILO-PIPO by  Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta Oy, Laura Tuulia Rissanen/Jaana Huhtanen design, I used 0.9 skeins of Schachenmayr nomotta Alpaka premium (very soft) in forest green and knitted it on 4.0 mm needles. It is extremely stretchy and fit heads up to 60 cm (24″) (I have 56 cm (22″) if you want to compare with the picture).

English translation of the pattern:

Origenal pattern link in Finnish.

Desigend by: Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta Oy

Fits head sized:  50–54 cm (19.5 – 21.5 “)

Gauge: 26 stitches and 29 rows / 10cm (4″)

Yarn: 100 m (109 yards) of aran weight, 1 skain Lankatavaratalo Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta Oy Silo (100m/50g)

Needles: 3.5-4 mm (US 4-6) 40 cm Circular needle and dubbel pointed needles.

Cast on 90 Stitches on 40 cm circular , place a marker to mark the beginning of the round. Join in the round k 1/1 ribbing (k1, p1, k1, p1..) for 8 rows.

 Work rows 1-5, 7 times total from the chart. Then work rows 6- 20, once. Cut the yarn and pull through all the stitches and secure all loose ends.