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Alpakka leggings

paelas thigths leggings alpakka

I made a pair of leggings using some leftover red alpaca yarn. It was meant to be held double with the thicker alpaca I used for the red Saffran cardigan but in the end I only used the thicker alpaca and had this left over. I used Paelas Haverdags thighs pattern and made a 3 year size. They have a beautiful lace pattern going up on each leg that doesn’t show very well in the picture but they are really pretty and will be a great complement to all the sweaters in the chest with clothes for future children. The pattern features fold hems both at the waist and the ankles and I inserted clear elastic in the waist to ensure that they stay up despite running around and playing.

These are so nice I almost want to knit myself a pair of alpaca stockings, but knitting stockings for a pretty big me doesn’t sound that fun. Have you made anything like this in adult size?


I’m currently making plans and thinking about the future.

I’m making leggings in nice colours, love these red with pink stripes. Are any of interested in buying thing like these, beautiful basic garments like leggings in bright colours? Or made of merino, warm for the winter?


Käpphäst made of an old 100% wool sock, I lose the other one a long time ago but saved the one sense they where a favorite par.

Käpphäst toy