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Home again

We have been on a vacation since last saturday and it was needed. The first 5 days we borrowed my fathers house about 40 km north of gothenburg, watching the ice on the sea and writing invitations by hand for our wedding this summer. This weekend we traveled to Peters sister in Malmö for her graduation concert, it was wonderful. When we where so close to my lovely friend Elisabeth in Lund, we had to see her too. And when we were looking for a restaurant (that served gluten free vegetarian food, it took about 1h to find one) we stumbled on a very lovely yarn shop Sländan, with an amazing selection of wonderful yarn. Both Peter and I fell in love with most of the yarn in the shop and got yarn for 1 project each, Peter chose Misty (51m/50g) from Du store alpakka, an incredibly soft alpaca yarn and are making a new hat for me. Peter is the master crocheter in our home and he make lovely warm hats, almost wind proof.

Her is Peter crocheting on the almost 4h train ride home today.


I was sitting opposite, knitting on a cardigan for him.