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This is where I draw inspiration. This amazing autumn fills me up and gives me energy, I love going out when it is storming outside and just walk in the rain and the wind, the only issue is my glasses, they have a tendency of fogging up but that doesn’t really matter for I get to be outside and feel the power of nature and it is just wonderful. I, like most people, prefer nice when I have to go outside but when it is optional it can be wonderful with a light storm. This liking might not be as good for my camera as it is for me since it regularly gets really wet but it has lasted this far and it’s totally worth it. I’m hoping for a little bad weather tomorrow…



It it sunny and a promise of spring is in the air, wonderful, even tho it still is cold her. But I do miss the fog, fogy days are my favorite photographing wether. this is a photo from a “warm” january day in Gothenburg