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Tiny shirt

shirt tiny wee

I made this little shirt for Peters nephew’s (the little one in this blog) for his first birthday a couple of months ago and shipped it of before photographing it and I snapped this picture when we visited them a few weeks back. It’s made of 100% cotton, with plastic buttons to simplify washing. I used the basic woven top pattern in size 86 from Inger Öbergs book in pattern making for children’s wear and drafted it more shirt like and made the bottom flair out a little to make extra room to dipper bottoms.


Negroni shirt

Negroni shirt by Colette patterns made  in a soft blue shirt linen I made a few fitting adjustments to the pattern. I used about 1.3 meter of a 3.1 meter width fabric 2 spools of 100m cotton thread and 8, 12mm buttons.

For the next one: I will take it in a bit in the back and possibly remove the pleats

Negroni shirtNegroni shirtNegroni shirtNegroni shirtNegroni shirt

Some one didn’t really want to cooperate with the camera.

Peplum shirt

My latest wardrobe addition is this linen shirt, I don’t usually wear shirts but I thought this was cute and gave it a try. I’m really pleased that I did. The fabric is one that I got this spring from the local fabric store, I got the last of it and there was only 70 cm left. I couldn’t pass it up because it was so beautiful. Ever since have I been trying to find a suitable project that would make it justice but it’s not easy to find a pattern that only requires 70 cm or less even if the fabric was extra wide.

Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing  Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing

Peplum shirt linnen sewing

This is Peplum from ottobre 5/2013, I used a 100% shirt linen with different colored wept and weft. The neck lining is made in a quilting cotton. The only modification I made was to take it in a bit over the waist.

Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing

Now to the skirt, this was made 2 or 3 years ago but is still unblogged (I’m a really bad blogger sometimes). It is made in a heavy 100% wool probably intended for winter suit coats, it might be merino, it feels like it but I can’t remember. The skirt is a 6 panel self drafted since until about a year ago I had never followed a pattern but drafted all of my sewing projects. This is not to brag I simply didn’t know how to modify a pattern to make it fit and though it was easier to simply fit as I went or as this case simply calculate a 6 panels from a circle, to fit my high hip and maximize the width of the skirt using  the fabric I had.