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Black Velvet skirt

Delphine skirt

I was skirt planing when the first task in pattern review’s sewing bee contest arrived in the email, an A-line skirt, and as it happens I had already bought some black velvet the day before for exactly that purpose. So her it  is the perfect skirt that goes with almost everything.

Delphine skirt

I used about 1.2m 112cm wide cotton velvet, 1m viscose lining, a normal zipper and  scrapes of quilting cotton the the inside of the waistband, button on the inside to protect the zipper, as well as some light interfacing. The pattern is based on the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch but modified to give it the fit I like better. I lowered the waistband to sit over my high hip instead and reshaped the hips and added some waist shaping. The result is so comfortable that I don’t want to take it of and have already been wearing allot.

Delphine skirtDelphine skirt

Delphine skirt Delphine skirt Delphine skirt  Delphine skirt Delphine skirt

Circle skirt

circle skirt banksia top

This is a circle skirt made in linen, I bought some linen online in the beginning for the summer, believing that is was a thin nice shirt linen, but when it arrived here it was thick, scratchy and not nice at all. So in an attempt to use up all of my small fabric stash I made this skirt and it is quite nice and I have had a lot of use from it already. I don’t want to have a lot of fabric taking space and especially fabric that is unlikely to be used. and the Baniska top is much better tucked into a skirt.

circle skirt banksia top circle skirt banksia top circle skirt banksia top


Peplum shirt

My latest wardrobe addition is this linen shirt, I don’t usually wear shirts but I thought this was cute and gave it a try. I’m really pleased that I did. The fabric is one that I got this spring from the local fabric store, I got the last of it and there was only 70 cm left. I couldn’t pass it up because it was so beautiful. Ever since have I been trying to find a suitable project that would make it justice but it’s not easy to find a pattern that only requires 70 cm or less even if the fabric was extra wide.

Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing  Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing

Peplum shirt linnen sewing

This is Peplum from ottobre 5/2013, I used a 100% shirt linen with different colored wept and weft. The neck lining is made in a quilting cotton. The only modification I made was to take it in a bit over the waist.

Peplum shirt linnen sewing Peplum shirt linnen sewing

Now to the skirt, this was made 2 or 3 years ago but is still unblogged (I’m a really bad blogger sometimes). It is made in a heavy 100% wool probably intended for winter suit coats, it might be merino, it feels like it but I can’t remember. The skirt is a 6 panel self drafted since until about a year ago I had never followed a pattern but drafted all of my sewing projects. This is not to brag I simply didn’t know how to modify a pattern to make it fit and though it was easier to simply fit as I went or as this case simply calculate a 6 panels from a circle, to fit my high hip and maximize the width of the skirt using  the fabric I had.