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Learning something new

Woodcarving docksjo design

I have been enjoying wood carving for a few weeks now and it has been wonderful to get into a new craft and a bit humbling to try and learn something new. I did some carving as a child but it’s been more then 10 years since I attempted to make something other then firewood or shelving with wood.

I got a shorter carving knife, this one, it was inexpensive, made here in Sweden and in the same brand as my scouting knife, but I quickly learned that it wasn’t the best choice for carving. The blade is a bit too fragile (or possibly I’m a bit too hard on it). I do not recommend it if you are thinking about starting.

I went foraging for some wood and started with a bit of a branch and started to shape a spoon just to get to know the knife. However I quickly learned that there was no way of getting around that fact that a straight blade can’t possibly make the gouging for the spoon. I made a note to get another tool for this and started working on a bunny instead. I worked 2 days solid before I was pleased with the shape, being so inexperienced it took some time to get it right. I was determined to be able to make the toy only using this one knife and it was possible and I’m so incredibly proud of it.

Woodcarving docksjo design

I had been eyeing these beautiful wooden toys for some time, but being the person I am, I didn’t want to wait and maybe get some in the future when we have children to play with them. I wanted to make them my self so that we can have home made toys when that day comes.

Woodcarving docksjo design

If you want the items to last and prevent stains on the wood it is important to treat the wood, there are many ways to do so and I choose to treat mine with light coloured organic raw flax seed oil. This is something easily found in an art supply store as it is also used to make oil paint. You can use flax seed oil from the grocery store as well, but it is usually deeply coloured and will effect the colour of the wood more.

Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design

Dagmar Sewing pattern

Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design

My very first sewing pattern in here it is cute and cuddly, don’t you agree.  You can read more about it on the product page here.

Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design
Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design Dagmar the dolphin docksjo design

In order to be able to sell sewing patterns I have had to change my shopping system this is still in progress so there and at the moment 2 different checkout systems in the shop but apart from that every thing still works and is user friendly. Go en check out the new store design, I have been going with sketches to my husband that have frantically been coding to get every thing to look as I want it to. I think the new design looks very professional, tidy and much more in my aesthetic.

If you prefer you buy knitting pattern trough ravelry so you can keep them in your ravelry library this is your last change all old pattern are still available through ravelry but will be removed and put in the new shopping system one by one as I go trough them. The first ones will go on Monday December 7th so you have this week. I think the new system is grate different but grate and the best thing it that I can sell sewing patterns, knitting patterns and notions in the same store which is a huge benefit.

Link to my ravelry store


I have started a newsletter, it will come occasionally and with previews of new designs and coupon codes. It will most likely not come more then 2 times a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Knight Ebba 5 år

The King of Sweden defending the woodshed against intruders.

Knight Ebba 5 år

My Sisters 5 years birthday is in a few days and we celebrated her today, She really liked the present I made her, the post about it.

Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år Knight Ebba 5 år

This was a perfect end to a very intensive weekend, that started with choir practice on friday evaning with a stay over at a hostel more practice on saturday and a consort this morning, that luckily went well. We made Jesu, meine freude by Dietrich Buxtehude I-II, III-XII .

Ebba 5 år knight Ebba 5 år


I’m currently making plans and thinking about the future.

I’m making leggings in nice colours, love these red with pink stripes. Are any of interested in buying thing like these, beautiful basic garments like leggings in bright colours? Or made of merino, warm for the winter?


Käpphäst made of an old 100% wool sock, I lose the other one a long time ago but saved the one sense they where a favorite par.

Käpphäst toy