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Wardrobe planing

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

As many other bloggers, I have lately been thinking a lot about how to make my wardrobe more personal, unitary and elegant. I want to feel like every piece of clothing is something that I feel beautiful in and that fits well. Because every day deserves nice and comfortable clothes and I want to be able to pick anything  from my closet and feel just as good about it.

Washi dress Kerrera cardigan outfit

This outfit has been my favorite ever since I made this dress, It is all me made, even the leggings. You can find more about the cardigan here. I love this simple perfect amount of fit, happy but still discreet if pink can be discreet. The collar and the pleats make the dress stylish and the cardigan, is as soft as wool can be, warm and has pockets. Pockets are something that is important to me, I have far to many skirts dresses and cardigans without pockets which means no where to put my keys and keycard.

To reach this goal I have to sorted all of my clothes in to 3 piles:

1  Things I love and wear often, to stay.

2  Things that I love a bit too much and that are perfectly fine but don’t fit properly, these are saved in boxes not too many but a few.

3 Was the biggest pile, things that don’t fit properly; that I never use; don’t like or doesn’t feel right; these went to a second-hand charity shop.

I don’t want anything to take space in my closet that don’t belong there. I also made a colour scheme so that I can more easily coordinate things, so that everything fits together nicely however I mix it.  I decided to make navy and grey my basic colour and all of the others to pop and bring happiness and life to the rest. The only difference from the colour I have at the moment is the greens, I have been wanting some green colour for a long time but have been having trouble finding the right one and I think that this will help me find it. I am planning to print this and laminate it and have a colour card in my wallet so that I can keep it with me all the time and therefore more easily coordinate. It can be very difficult from time to time to see beyond the pretty fabric and imagine the finished piece and whether the colour actually is flattering on me, go well with the rest of my clothes and I think that this will make that easier.


My perfect wardrobe

Basic everyday things:

Dresses. I wear dresses almost every day so they are the main structure as well as leggings and cardigans.

I’d like to have a couple of trousers to wear around the house that are comfortable and that fit underneath rain cover, but not too many.

Tops a few in nice colours, navy, pink and white, a Polka Dot grey with white dots like this one.

It is very important that these do not require ironing to look good, because I do not iron my clothes before school or work everyday.

Festive: Dresses and a few shrugs and shawls in a lot or different colours to fit the dress code on concerts.

I would really like a pink coat but I didn’t really need one since I have a few coats and the one I use the most is the rain coat and when it is really cold my down coat.

What I do need, is running tops and leggings and a couple of slips.

You know that I made my own fashionary a while back and that was when I really started all of this, and I have been sketching a lot to figure out what I like and don’t like, trying to make my style more thought through.

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There was at least one more I had in mind but I can’t remember, so if you know a post about this that you like please leave a comment so I can check it out and add it to this post.

I have been instagramming about this a little and will probably continue with the tags #WearableWardrobe  #WardrobeArchitect

Do you have any thoughts about what you create?     I’d love to know.