Wee Liesl

As you might have noticed the updates have been scarce but I still have been making a few things between a very busy school and sleeping. So now that school has calmed down a bit I will try to give you a parade of new made things and hopefully some inspiration for christmas. In usual order I started making gifts in july, which might make you think that I’m done by now but I’m not even half way, the tricky ones are left.

Wee Liesl

First up is this tiny little lace cardigan with wooden buttons. The pattern is wee Liesl from Wee Ones by Ysolda  I used pickles pure alpaca in Bordaux on needles 3.25mm. I didn’t make a gauge swash and used my favorite addi lace needles instead of the recommended size so the result is rather 3 months than the 9 months or so I expected but since the baby is still to be born It doesn’t matter. It is a really cute in dark red with dark brown buttons and the yarn has exactly the right amount of fluff. I’m secretly thinking of making one for me too in the same colour scheme.

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8 thoughts on “Wee Liesl

  1. Michelle

    I love little sweaters. I think they’re incredibly satisfying to knit, since they take a fraction of the time an adult sweater requires. This is a really beautiful rendition of the Liesl. If you do knit it for yourself, this is a gorgeous color!

  2. Marilyn Messina

    I use your ‘simpel mitten’ pattern with handspun alpaca very often. It’s lovely, easy to knit and easy to remember. Just want you to know it’s a wonderful gesture.

    Thank you
    Marilyn Messina


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